NCR Aptra Vision

NCR Aptra vision is multi-vendor self-service ATM management system that puts operational performance into context what really counts—consumer experience. With a complete and accurate view of your self-service network, APTRA vision will help you to successfully manage your business and plan for future development.


Improved operational performance does not necessarily create improved consumer experience, but attraction and retention therefore improving revenue generation, while reducing costs and improving ROI.

NCR APTRA vision is a next-generation management system that combines data from assisted- or self-service device of multiple types with business and commercial data related to the network. This provides unrivaled vision of what is really happening in your self-service network and helps you make significant advances in availability, customer experience and business performance.

  • Advantages
    • • Unlimited vision
    • • Empowered decisions
    • • Decisive action
    • • Easy to use by anyone
    • • Inventory information on demand
    • • Maximize availability and increase revenue
    • • Transform your customers experience
    • • Get the data you need fast
    • • Unlock the hidden details
  • Features
    • • Combined business and operational data analysis
    • • Advanced GUI with configurable user interface
    • • At a glance KPIs (Key performance indicators)
    • • Geographic data correlation
    • • Inventory management
    • • Multi-vendor capability