Through a sophisticated, three-tiered approach of forecasting, optimization, and automation, APTRA Cash Management positively impacts all of the factors related to cash management, including forecasting, cost balancing, ordering, monitoring, expense tracking and more. NCR APTRA Cash Management solutions have been developed by experienced cash management professionals to efficiently and cost-effectively handle all aspects of the complex cash management process. In use by banks worldwide, ATM network owners and retailers, APTRA Cash Management Solutions are providing significant recurring cost saving for all aspects of the currency supply chain – from ATM and Branch, through


APTRA OptiCash

APTRA OptiCash is the core component of the APTRA Cash Management Solution. APTRA OptiCash applies sophisticated mathematical algorithms based on historical demand, event, and cost information to optimize currency and cost levels throughout the enterprise.


APTRA OptiNet is a web-enabled branch and ATM cash ordering and clearing application that provides remote uses with access to the OptiCash database. This delivers cash projections and recommendations for review and approval over the Internet.

APTRA OptiVault

APTRA OptiVault is a comprehensive vault cash management solution. It accurately forecasts branch, ATM, and commercial cash demand, delivering a bank-wide view of overall currency requirements. APTRA OptiVault combines best-of-breed value consolidation functionality with advanced analytical processing to optimize currency and coin ordering and clearing for both bank and carrier cash vaults.

APTRA OptimizeCF

APTRA OptimizeCF delivers all of the benefits of NCR APTRA Cash Management Solutions as a monthly service. This enables even small financial organizations to take advantage of the best cash management solution available today without needing to maintain an extensive IT foot print in-house.