NetWorld Technology Limited

NetWorld Technology Limited is an authorized distributor for the NCR Corporation. NCR is universally acknowledged as the global number one manufacturer of ATMs, as well as a global leader in self-service solutions and consumer transaction technologies. We provide NCR’s ATMs (both dispensers and recyclers), as well as various kinds of banking software and solutions. We also provide an ATM Managed Service where we perform FLM (First Level Maintenance) and SLM (Second Level Maintenance) service along with maintenance of the ATM Booths which includes UPS, AC and so on. We also provide the market-leading Automated Cheque Clearing Solution for banks through our partnership with NCR. NetWorld Technology is also the partner of Avanza Solutions, providing financial middleware solutions for making banking service more efficient and dynamic. Avanza is a global software solutions provider, specializing in e-commerce and e-banking solutions, IT consulting, Enterprise Application Services, Infrastructure Management and Quality Services.


NCR ATMs – NetWorld Technology Ltd is an authorized distributor of NCR. NetWorld have delivered over 1200 ATMs in its network and is one of the fastest growing ATM providers in the country.

NCR Automated Cheque Clearing Software & Maintenance

NCR Automated Cheque Clearing Software & Maintenance – NetWorld has provided Payment Solution Software to its customers to meet Bangladesh Central Bank requirements of Automated Cheque Clearing and Electronic Funds Transfer. We have trained software engineers who provide on-site support and liaise with Global Support Team of NCR.

NCR Switch

NCR Switch – NetWorld offers NCR’s switch solution – Authentic. Authentic is an intelligent, omni-channel transaction-processing platform designed for today's fast-changing payments business. Whether you’re an acquirer, issuer, central switch, bank or processor handling card transactions, alternative payments or real-time payments, Authentic offers the flexibility and agility you need to meet today’s demands and tomorrow’s innovations.

Middleware Software & Maintenance

Middleware Software & Maintenance – NetWorld provide AVANZA Solutions’ Middleware software and offer on site support to its clients.


EFT – NetWorld Provide AVANZA Solutions’ Electronic Funds Transfer Solution to its customers including first level maintenance support.

NCR ATM Hardware & Software Maintenance

NCR ATM Hardware & Software Maintenance – As a distributor of NCR, NetWorld Technology Ltd have trained and certified hardware and software engineers from NCR to provide 24/7 support to its customers and ensure minimal downtime of ATMs across Bangladesh.