NCR Skimming Protection Solution (SPS) is an integrated and scalable anti-skimming security solution that helps financial institutions reduce risk and protect ATM networks against the very latest forms of attack.


Skimming Protection Solution (SPS). NCR’s innovative SPS provides financial institutions with a proactive way to address today's ATM skimming challenges and deliver maximum availability and convenience to their customers. SPS thwarts skimming activity, notifies a financial institution of an attack in real time, and adapts quickly to new types of attacks as they become increasingly sophisticated. With NCR’s proprietary technology embedded in SPS, financial institutions will be able to deliver the highest level of ATM security to protect their brands and strengthen consumer loyalty.

NCR built SPS software to enable its random, multiple-jamming hardware module to block criminal “listening” devices from capturing card data. The new technology also prohibits criminals from tampering or removing the original ATM bezel and helps promptly detect fraudulent devices. These features help provide reassurance and maximum availability to both financial institutions and their customers.

  • Features
    • Thwart bezel skimming
    • Stop insert and deep insert skimming
    • Halt eavesdropping attacks
    • Deny shimming attacks
    • Stop card trapping attacks

The benefits of NCR Skimming Protection Solution were immediately apparent. Upon deployment the bank saw the complete elimination of card skimming attacks in the ATM channel. All 4,600 of the bank’s ATMs are now under the protection of NCR Skimming Protection Solution. The deployment was completed ahead of schedule.