One-Stop Service


In addition to TIS, we also provide a one-stop service for complete ATM booth support and maintenance services including AC, CCTV, UPS and all other equipment in the booth. We provide both first and second level of maintenance support to all of our customers’ ATM booths across Bangladesh. A professional team comprising of experienced and certified civil and electrical engineers, as well as AC/UPS/CCTV technicians, work to keep the downtime as low as possible. The network is monitored at our premises around the clock with incredible diligence. Our proactive approach with the help of this monitoring application assists our engineers in acting even before any problem occurs at any ATM booth within our network. We have a team of over 70 highly trained and certified engineers who are capable of providing support to different types of ATM booths.

With this one-stop service and continued support, we handle the vendor management for our customers as well as provide a more efficient solution.